Yanapai participated in parallel events

On Sunday Dec 7th CARE Peru, CCAFS (Center for Climate change Food Security and Agriculture), CGIAR Centers and ICTA organized a session on food security in the Novo Hotel. Discussions were carried out in six groups:

  1. Scale up, proven action and practice;
  2. Ensure equitable outcomes for Women;
  3. Give decision making power to farmers;
  4. Enhance nutrition security, not just food security;
  5. Make mitigation an opportunity for, rather than a threat to, food security; and
  6. Support market value chains for low income producers and consumers.

Hilary Creed and María Scurrah were selected for a video to wrap up their session: Hilary on why nutrition outcomes were crucial in the face of climate change and Maria on how nothing could really change if women were not included in equitable outcomes.

In the Mountain Pavilion, Yanapai gave two talks:
Firstly: on December 8th the topic was Benefit sharing, organized by CONDESAN .
The earlier talks referred to benefit sharing regarding water, whereas Yanapai´s talk involved genetic resources The talk illustrated how 43 custodian farmers had been recognized and received funds as per clause 9 of the International treaty, in this case from a Netherlands breeding Company, HZPC, as part of their social responsibility program. These 43 families were located in five regions of central Peru and now form part of a newly founded organization of custodian farmers. (See Yanapai’s July news about AGUAPAN). The talk was shared between Severin Pohlreich of CIP and Maria Scurrah.

The second talk took place on Thursday December 10th. This panel was organized by the Mountain Institute and concentrated on adaptation strategies of agropastoral communities affected by glacier retraction and extreme climate events. Yanapai illustrated the changes in farming practices that farmers and Yanapai technicians have worked out over years testing either results from research institutions or adapting ancestral know how of the Chopcca communities in Huancavelica.

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