Potato Sale – Healthy Fair of La Molina

Healthy Fair of La Molina
Healthy Fair of La Molina

As part of supporting custodian farmers from the hot spot of Huancavelica who are participating in monitoring of the CIP led INITIATIVE: CHIRAPAQ ÑAM (RAINBOW ROUTE ) of which Yanapai is a partner several farmer have been given the opportunity to sell native potatoes every Saturday from May July from districts Yauli and Paucará to sell their native potatoes grown in mixture (Chaqru, chalo).

Saturday, July 21 was the last and the position was handed over to the community Quilcas from Huancayo, Junín, However the road closed to snow and they never arrived on time. However a new organic market opened near the center of Lima in Parque Washington and they will the there this Saturday as well as on Aug. 23 a special day of the La Molina market (3rd anniversary) they have been invited to participate They will also be present in the market Washington Park.

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